Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty of the ears, commonly referred to as ear reduction surgery, ear pinning surgery or surgery to pin the ears back corrects protruding and abnormally positioned ears by moving them closer to the head and improving their contour by reshaping them.

A terrible cosmetic defect is protruding ears. Otoplasty is a basic, uncomplicated treatment that can restore the normal form, orientation, and configuration of the ears while also having a profoundly good impact on one's self-esteem.

Otoplasty surgery

Otoplasty surgery
Why it's done ?

You might consider otoplasty if:

  • Your ear or ears protrude excessively from your head.
  • Your ears are too huge for your skull.
  • You're unhappy with a prior ear operation.
  • To maximise symmetry, otoplasty is often performed on both ears.
  • Your ears won't move or your hearing won't change as a result of otoplasty.

If splinting is done as soon as possible after birth, a kid who is born with prominent ears and certain other ear-shape concerns may have success with the procedure.

Othoplasty Surgery Procedure

The average time for an ear operation is two to three hours, while longer times are possible for difficult procedures. The approach will depend on the issue.

One of the more popular procedures involves the surgeon making a little incision at the back of the ear to reveal the ear cartilage. The cartilage will then be sculpted and bent back toward the head. To assist in keeping the new shape, permanent stitches may be utilised. Sometimes a larger amount of cartilage will be removed by the surgeon to create a more realistic-looking fold after the procedure.

Another method calls for a similar incision behind the ear. In order to restructure the ear without removing cartilage, skin is removed and sutures are utilized to fold the cartilage back on itself.

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Frequently asked questions

To be frank, there isn’t a “right” time to have otoplasty or any other type of plastic surgery. When you feel self-conscious about an aspect of your appearance, then you should strongly consider a cosmetic solution. That said, there are certainly some factors that may make you more likely to have ear surgery, such as your qualifications for the procedure.

In severe cases, otoplasty can be performed on children as young as four years old. Many parents choose to wait until the child is at least seven so they can be an active participant in their care. In addition, children at this stage are better able to handle and recover from surgery. If your child becomes distressed at the mention of surgery, it may be best to wait until they are older and more mature.

Otoplasty not only provides a cosmetic improvement but also a psychological improvement as well. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, refers to the surgical correction of ears to pin them back, reduce them in size, correct a deformity, or make them more symmetrical

Most patients will see the results immediately and are usually ecstatic. The final appearance takes several weeks because of the swelling.

You will need someone to drive you back home after your procedure. If you live alone, then you may also want to have a friend or family member stay with you since it will take some time for general anesthesia to wear off.  After your procedure, you should focus on resting and relaxing.

You will need to avoid laying down on your side or putting pressure on your ears. You may not be able to wash your hair or expose your ears to water for at least 24 hours. We will provide you with several post-operative instructions to make your recovery comfortable.

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