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GVG Invivo Hospital
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sridevipriya bashyamsridevipriya bashyam
07:50 28 Oct 22
My mom was hospitalised in Invivo hospital for more than a week. She got very good treatment from the Doctors. The sisters and hospital staff are so good and resposible. We were so happy. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone.
Mani NayakMani Nayak
06:12 23 Oct 22
""GVG Invivo Hospital"" good service's ,very well maintained hygiene,Homely environment .Good communication and good treatment by Dr Lakshmi. Mr Anish ICU incharge,Mr. vinodh brother and Bhawana sister so helpful. TQ so much 🙏🙏🙏Highly recommended..
Mou ChowdhuryMou Chowdhury
06:17 10 Oct 22
I have majore burn marks on hand. I have done a treatment in GvG invivo hospital and I'm really happy with the outcome. Dr.Gunasekar sir really great Doctor & Ms.Tanu such a wonderful woman. Over all great experience.
dilip tejadilip teja
11:23 17 Aug 22
The treatment was good. Hospital was neat and hygiene. Mainly the hospital staff was humble and the care was good. This is one of the best for face cosmetic related treatments and surgeries in banglore.
Shivakumar RShivakumar R
10:55 15 Aug 22
Came for a surgery and everything went well. Good hospitality and good experience. Thank you GVG team, doctors and staff nurse for taking good care.
Suvarna KrSuvarna Kr
06:27 04 Jun 22
I went to GVG invivo for laser treatment and very happy for the support we got throughout the treatment. We are greatful for Dr. Gunasekar Vuppalapati sir ,thank you sir. Dr. Linu done the laser treatment and he is very friendly and supportive throughout the sessions. He co ordinates very well and provides very good treatment. The hospital staff were so supportive that they provided us all the help and information for us in every stage. The hospital is so clean and well equipped with modern facilities.I would definitely recommend GVG invivo hospital for anyone who wish to have a good consultation and treatment and also i am planning for other skin treatments in future
Sandhya BSandhya B
06:16 31 May 22
I have visited GVG Invivo for more than one medical treatment. The best part of this hospital is the top class customer service. Dr. Gunasekar Vuppalapati is a very cordial doctor. He explains the problem, cause and effects and the options for cure very clearly. Also the other supporting staff in the hospital are very helpful and pleasant. The next best aspect of the hospital is the cleanliness and hygiene. It is very well maintained. Highly recommend GVG Invivo.
Preetham BindelaPreetham Bindela
12:28 26 May 22
I've got an unibrow which has been carefully treated by the Invivo doctors, they are professionals and taken very good care of me. I was a bit tensed in my first sitting but after that i was confident that my face will be corrected. I even suggest everyone to get treated if in case you are thinking that your looks are not good.
Vyjayanthimala WodeyarVyjayanthimala Wodeyar
17:41 18 May 22
I am very Satisfied and Happy with the Aesthetic Treatments I got from Dr Gunasekar.He is an Excellent Easthetic Plastic Surgeon.His team is very Professional Warm,Caring and Friendly especiallyMr Linu Tr (Senior Easthetic Practitioner) from whom I got very good Support and Service.Miss Tanu, Nurse Malini and all other staff at GVG Hospitals are very Caring and Sincere.I am very Thankful and Greatful to Dr Gunasekar and his team and would definitely recommend for all your Anti-aging, Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Treatments.
vijaya Lakshmivijaya Lakshmi
14:13 13 May 22
I had been to GVG Invivo for lump surgery.. The surgery was well done and happy with the services.. They treat us friendly and nicely ...hospital was well maintained with cleanliness .. The team and nurses are awesome .. Dr. Gunashekar helped us to overcome from this surgery and I m very much thankful to him. Malini nurse took care of me from first to end of my surgery and after that also till my stitches were removed .. I thank GVG Invivo for good treatment.... I recommend this hospital ....
Md HasanMd Hasan
07:33 09 May 22
I was admitted in gvg hospital with leg fracture .underwent surgery..I am very happy about The treatment and hospitality...Very good service homely atmosphere , cleanliness is GoodEspecially house keepingVery good nursing Care... Good doctor s..Thanks
G B (Bapi)G B (Bapi)
03:05 15 Apr 22
Thanks Dr.Krishna (ENT) for diagnosing the vertigo issue of my mother. Treatment & hospital infra is quite good. Thanks!
Bhawana DhungelBhawana Dhungel
10:48 04 Apr 22
The best hospital for any general condition and plastic surgery in banglore with good duty doctor and good staff in all fields... Who gives the best quality serviceIf you are searching for good quality to restore your health... It's that best place...Go for it without second thought
Rithik KumarRithik Kumar
10:59 18 Mar 22
Awesome welcoming.Ample amount of time was given and all my questions were clarified right before going to the treatment,Dr Gunasekar vuppalapati .Linu ( senior aesthetic practitioner)was very friendly from the very beginning and openly discussed with me regarding the doubts and the procedure.The procedure was openly done in front me and was completely transparent.The clinic's hygiene was very good and the practitioners were very professionals in handling things during the therapy.Great results within the 1st 2 sessions.
lalitha shallalitha shal
12:12 02 Mar 22
The team and nurses are awesome.. Cleanliness and front desk support is so good.. Very polite and anyone can easily offord the services.Dr gv is very down to earth he explained very well about the procedure.. Secure and safe place..Awesome dermatologic services..
Shalini RajShalini Raj
11:54 02 Mar 22
It's an awesome hospitality with all services and caring staff. Dermatologist is so good. Dr cleared all my doubts very patiencely.. It was a great experience..Thanks to the team..
Prakash ShenoyPrakash Shenoy
18:37 07 Jun 21
My wife underwent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Surgical procedure at the Invivo Hospital under supervision of Dr. Gunasekar. Highly recommend the Doctor and the Hospital for handling the procedure in such a professional way and with precision. Even the post medical care and followup was upto the mark.
anila subhaanila subha
16:23 19 Apr 21
This hospital doctors ,nurses and cleaning staff always treat me ,my husband and my daughter as their kid .. . Night time also they treat us very nicely ..I m always thank full to GVG hospital I never forget them
Dinesh SharmaDinesh Sharma
10:02 09 Apr 21
Awesome staff, very responsive and helpful. Lil new setup so need things to fix on processes front but the helpful work culture overcomes every issue easily.God bless the whole staff.
Arpitha ChalamArpitha Chalam
09:46 16 Feb 21
One of the best hospital. Dr Sridhar is highly efficient and courteous person. Exceptional care rendered by Chethan brother . Thanks to all doctors , staff and nurses for great care. Highly recommended hospital.

Benefits of Advanced Treatment?


Scarless Procedure


Permanent Solution


45 mins Procedure


Fast Recovery

Don't Feel like Taking Off your shirt because of your Man Boobs

Gynaecomastia can be treated easily by liposuction at Invivo Aesthetics  Bangalore & Kochi. Gynecomastia surgery removes the enlarged tissue in a simple manner under local anesthesia. In liposuction for gynaecomastia, 1-2 small holes (adits) of size 3 mm are made on either side. Then three steps are done:

    1. Awake Liposuction to remove fatty tissue: A powered machine is used to remove tougher fat tissue.
    2. Glandular extraction: Through the same small holes, the glandular tissue is teased out and removed. This is tissue is difficult to remove with liposuction alone.
    3. Skin tightening: Energy device is used to break down the tissue further, which improves the result post-operatively. At the same time, it also causes the skin to contract and adhere to the chest wall.
Get Flat and manly Chest Instantly

Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia Literally Means “Women-Like Breasts.” Gynecomastia Is Overly Developed Breast Tissue In Males. Though It Is Medically Benign, Gynecomastia Can Cause Significant Psychological Discomfort.

Male breast tissue swells due to reduced male hormones (testosterone) or increased female hormones (oestrogen). Causes include puberty, ageing, medication and health conditions that affect hormones. 

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